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Hoxton Square Gallery


5th birthday picture

“Happy 5th Birthday”

 03 May - 13 June 2012

Starting at 6pm East London time on May 3rd

As a celebration to all who are 5 including anyone who enjoys pretending they are. People are invited to share cake in any format within all areas of the global shared public space of the Hoxton Square Gallery including Syria, Iceland and Hoxton Square itself.


March-May 2012

“All Points Considered Until Further Notice


Toothless Opening Night - July 7th - August 4th 2011

“Toothless”...a powerless organization.....an ugliness that may not contribute to the attraction of a mate...a losing of vital tools of digestion.....a non effective state of being....cause of comical communication.....a point of fascination.......is there beauty in the gaps?......



June 1st-July 6th 2011

Screened from the Hip. Fictional and non fictional films and video from the recent past to be shown via small and larger mobile devices in the worldwide shared public space of Hoxton Square Gallery. All artists welcome who take responsibility for their work.

Includes “A short from Tripoli” both versions




Artists show and talk about their work within the current show “Screened from the Hip”

6-9pm British Summer Time. All around the gallery.

Find the curator

June 3rd 2010 Thursday

Come to Hoxton Square and beyond from June 3rd till June 30th and win a piece by Francis Bacon from a private collection.

 Look around, is there anybody out there that looks like a curator?

Ask  them the question

 “Are you the curator of Hoxton Square Gallery ?”

 send the first 10 words of their  reply to richard@hoxtonsquaregallery.co.uk by 1pm on Wednesday 30th of June

The  bearer of the winning answer will be notified on Thursday 1st of July


Thursday December 3rd 2009 6pm Hoxton Square

Free distribution of contemporary art  in small bags composed of shredded artwork and media donated from diverse ongoing sources within the art world and beyond. Ekow Eshun, Tracey Emin, Katy Wan,Carolina Caycedo, Steve Mallaghan, Gudrun S Haraldsdottir, Ed Grant, Tyrone O`Meally Bowley, Ralegh Long, Richard Maddalena, Paolo W.Tamburella, Robert Storr...........Part of “Tear and Share”

“Tear and Share”

Artists give work to be broken down and added to the mixture for free street level distribution to the public.

The Hoxton Square Gallery exists in and promotes the use of all shared public space as a valid place to show ones art. Work is not sold. However giving work away for nothing and bartering is actively encouraged. Artists are expected to be present with their work

A major ongoing project  titled “Tear and Share” involves artists both known and unknown donating  works to the gallery with the knowledge that they will be broken down into smaller pieces and mixed together with other artists work. The resulting mix portioned off into small plastic sealed bags is being distributed globally to people at street level. Descriptions and suggestions as to how to use the mix are given to an audience that may normally have little contact with contemporary art.


"The  Permanent Suggestion"